Research & Building of Customer Profiles

We Know Your Customer.


One of the most important parts of our process is gathering a full understanding of who your customer is. Gathering in-depth customer information combined with the value proposition canvas will define what makes your company unique as compared to other businesses in your industry. The notion of a brand is created around these value proposition differentiators define what makes one company that different than the next.


To have the most accurate customer profile as possible, one option is to survey your audience consistently and get feedback on your products and services as well as a general perception of your company from that profile. Tools like Survey Monkey, Checkbox or Survata are a helpful start for business of all sizes looking to survey their audience. We also dive into your existing email list or social media accounts, by asking your customers about your company, about themselves, their preferences, the marketplace at large and more in a few easy to answer questions that will help your company better understand what your customer base is really like.

Once we establish in-depth customer demographics, we can begin to address pain points and purchase patterns as well as a comprehensive strategy to promote the value proposition of your business.


Here are a few samples of what type of information we gather: